Make your Business Fly Going Paperless – Access Your Important Data from Anywhere

Records access is crucial to your business but even the best paper document management systems can’t match the efficiency of instant, electronic access. Maystar can scan your paper records into superbly accurate images so you’ll have faster, more efficient access to your data.

Save time, money and more…

  • Eliminates paper filing and associated stationery cost
  • Eliminates the cost for record storage on and off site
  • No more lost or misfiled documents
  • Digital storage and secure backups provide true disaster recovery
  • No more unauthorized access to your records
  • Time savings realized in audits, A/R turnaround, litigation, claims and human resources
  • You are focused on your jobs – No more waste time reading each document and rummaging through box after box of paper
  • You are well positioned for a desired digital future. It’s inevitable…

Document scanning is the first step toward a digital document management system. If you are considering a back-file conversion or document digitization, we can devote the staff, hardware, software and project management and infrastructure to make the conversion of paper files very simple and cost-effective.

Our document scanning and capture services include

Document preparation

  • Remove staples and paperclips
  • Repair torn or crumpled pages
  • Verify document order and confirm scan-ability

Scanning Documents | Scan to PDF

  • Convert Paper documents into digital images files, PDF and other digital formats
  • Black & White PDF files @ 200 dpi resolution or higher up to 600 dpi
  • Single or multi page PDF file format
  • Multiple single-sided (simplex) and/or double-sided (duplex) document scanners

Quality Control

  • Quality assurance to check each document scanned
  • Skew/Orientation
  • Readability
  • If any images are found to be sub-standard, the documents will be re-scanned

Index and Verification

  • Images are indexed with pertinent retrieval information and stored in a Document Management System

Export - Convert scanned documents and indexes

  • CD, DVD, Flash Drive
  • Cloud storage
  • Our own Document Management software

Document Return or Shred

  • Once all quality checking is complete, we can return your documents or shred
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